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The first virtual President's Speaker Series sparked ideas and insights

At the first CSUMB President’s Speaker Series of the academic year — an online virtual discussion on media and politics on Oct. 14 — the insights from the expert panel of campaign strategists and political communications professionals (see bios below) came at a brisk pace.

They talked about candidates, campaigns and media companies they’ve worked for, including Barack Obama, the Lincoln Project and CBS News.

They talked about journalistic integrity and the incentives (and disincentives) for journalists to adhere to them.

They defined Inside-the-Beltway parlance like “pass the vet.”

They gave advice about how to tell fact from fiction in your social media feed (hint: the more reliable sources, the better).

They explained the differences and similarities of traditional media like Fox News and CNN, new media like The Intercept and Snopes, and social media which has subverted the model.

They talked about elections and voting, democracy and trust. For sure, they talked about President Trump.

At times they disagreed with each other, but the entire hour-and-half discussion — hosted by President Eduardo Ochoa and moderated by author and commentator Zach Friend — displayed the intelligence, respect and earnestness that the process of American civic engagement deserves.

If you missed it, here is the recording of that Zoom webcast program.

President's Speaker Series — Election Year Special Event


Photo: Zach Friend

Zach Friend


Photo: Paulette Aniskoff

Paulette Aniskoff


Photo: Matt Gorman

Matt Gorman


Photo: Mike Madrid

Mike Madrid


Photo: Amanda Renteria

Amanda Renteria


Photo: Lynda Tran

Lynda Tran


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