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Making Positive Change

President of Black, Native American student groups works to serve others

Photo: Darchelle Burnett
Photo by: Randy Tunnell

You may have seen her in the Black Portrait Project. A black-and-white photo captured her in a pensive moment. You may have noted her at the CSUMB Day of Racial Justice Teach-in. She was the student facilitator. Maybe you recall interacting with her at the Otter Cross Cultural Center. She works as the Signature Programs student coordinator.

She is a presence at CSUMB. President of two student organizations: Black Students United (BSU) and Native American Students United. She’s a member of the President’s Committee on Equity and Inclusion, the CSUMB Dance Team, the board of directors for the Otter Student Union, and more. She is a person working to make positive change in the world. She is Darchelle Burnett.

Burnett is originally from Corona, California, down south in Riverside County. The youngest of five, her sister and brother-in-law both attended CSUMB. She fondly remembers visiting the campus as a child and “seeing this big university”!

Burnett felt drawn to CSUMB. She liked the smaller classes, the idea of being part of a growing university, and the proximity to the ocean. She laughed and said, “I don’t go to the beach, but I love looking at the water. My brother went to UCSC. We’re all water people, so that gene just passed down.”

She chose social and behavioral sciences as her major. She wasn’t initially certain of what that entailed, but once she began her studies, she embraced it fully. She is set to graduate in May 2021 with a concentration in anthropology and a minor in peace studies.

Her heart set on graduate school, Burnett is eyeing dual-study programs focused on educational policy, higher education leadership, ethnic studies and indigenous studies. She is a self-described “people-person” who loves studying cultures. Her ultimate goal: to become a chief diversity officer at an institution or a non-profit organization.

Read more about Darchelle Burnett in the CSUMB magazine.


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