Commencement 2017 By the Numbers

One year of planning and countless staff hours create this unforgettable day.

  • 14,400: Graduation tickets printed
  • 6,700: Parking spaces
  • 6,000: Programs printed 1,868: Number of bachelor’s degrees to be conferred
  • 2,000: Rented chairs in stadium
  • 1,868: Number of bachelor’s degrees to be conferred
  • 215: Number of master's degrees to be conferred
  • 1,500: Students expected to participate in commencement (youngest 19, oldest 72, median age 24)
  • 2,751: Miles away from furthest graduates hometown (Maine)
  • 9,042: Miles away from furthest international student hometown (Sri Lanka)
2016 CSUMB Graduates

2016 CSUMB Graduates

210: Event staff

120: Minutes ceremony expected to last

76: Student-athletes in the graduating class

42: Veterans in the graduating class

40: Members of commencement planning committee

32: Students named Jessica in the graduating class

31: Countries represented in the graduating class (furthest: Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia & Australia)

28: Police and other public safety personnel on duty

25: Majors represented (most popular: psychology, 278 graduates; kinesiology, 227; business administration, 256)

23: States and territories represented in the graduating class

18: Students named Michael in the graduating class

7: Graduates celebrating birthdays on the day of commencement

2: Sets of twins in the graduating class

2: Number of ceremonies (10 a.m., College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Business; 3 p.m., Colleges of Science, Education and Health Sciences and Human Services)

Some numbers are approximate

Published May 12, 2017