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Capstone Festival

CSUMB's science majors present their capstone projects at the School of Natural Sciences Capstone festivals twice a year: at the Spring Capstone festival in May, and at the Fall Capstone festival in December. These diverse, exciting talks and poster presentations by our Biology, Environmental Studies, Marine Science, and Environmental Science, Technology and Policy seniors are open to all students and the public.

Spring 2019 School of Natural Sciences Capstone Festival

Spring 2019 Capstone Festival, Thursday May 16, 2019

Interested in learning more about the work being done by your student peers? Want to see what it is like to present on a capstone project? Stay tuned for more details on this semester's capstone festival!

When? Thursday, May 16, 2019

Where? Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library, Room 1188

What time? 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Who? Biology, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Science, Technology and Policy students will be presenting their capstone projects and posters.


For Environmental Science, Technology & Policy, Environmental Studies, and Biology majors. Click on each presentation section to view individual presentation details.

9:00 AM | Welcome by Dr. Suzy Worcester, Chair

ENSTU Capstone students
ESTP Students sampling a vernal pool

11:05 AM | 15-minute break

12:20 PM | 40-minute lunch break

Spring 2019 Marine Science Capstone Festival

MSCI student conducting a survey

When? Friday, May 17, 2019

Where? Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library, Rm 1180

What time? 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


8:30 - 9:00 AM | Set-up & Socialize

9:00 AM | Welcome by Dr. James Lindholm, Program Coordinator

9:05 - 11:00 AM | Oral Presentations: Marine Science

9:05 AM | Autonomous Characterization of Benthic Marine Habitats. By Cristian Arguera, Kaitlyn Beardshear, Jennifer Burns, Julia Courville, Janet Gonzalez, Marina Lesse, Laura Lesyna, Wenda Ly, Hunter Neuku, Kaitlyn Reilly, Andrew Reyna, Sophia Rose, Anthony Terzoli, Zane Toyon, Malcolm Tunnell. Course: MSCI 437: Ocean Instrumentation Projects (4 units). Professor: Dr. Steve Moore.

9:30 AM | Differences in Market Squid Dorsal Mantle Length (DML) and Mass in Response to Changes in Sea Surface Temperature (SST). By Aileen San. Independent Honors Capstone. CDFW Advisor/Collaborator: Katherine Grady, Chelsea Protasio, Michelle Horeczko, Briana Brady, James Lindholm.

9:45 AM | Variation in microhabitat associations and orientation of Kelp Rockfish (Sebastes atrovirens) across the diel cycle at north and south Monastery Beach (Carmel Bay, CA). By Luis David Calderon, Sly Luna, Darrian Skye Muraoka, Scott Nguyen, Taylor Ott, Theodore Reimer, Katherine (Kayla) Roy, Kasie Ryan, Mark Saluacion, Keegan Spencer. Course: MSCI 455: Marine Fish Ecology (4 units). Professor: Dr. James Lindholm.

10:00 AM | Effects of Marine Protected Areas on the Recovery of Black Abalone: Meeting the ARMP Criteria. By Amber Caldwell, Samantha Chang, Emily Chui, Natasha Craft, Christie Lara, Alexis Martinez, Yesenia Ortiz, Brandon Schinina, Aaron Shay. Course: MSCI 445: Projects in Marine Ecology (4 units). Professor: Dr. Alison Haupt.

10:15 AM | Effects of Climate Change on Purple Sea Urchins in Monterey Bay. By Devon Christensen, Tracy Doman, Fuller Gerbl, Aleksandra Ljubisavljevic, Michelle Macoskey, Susanna Ortega, Daniel Pureco, Crystal Rombaoa, Lindsay Shorter, Kelsey Shoup. Course: MSCI 445: Projects in Marine Ecology (4 units). Professor: Dr. Alison Haupt.

10:30 AM | SquidBit: an accelerometer tag for measuring the activity of squid. By Madison Bashford. Independent Honors Capstone. Advisor: Dr. Alison Haupt.

Capstone posters
Capstone presentation
Capstone poster presentation

Capstone Festival Program Archive

Capstone Video Archive

Visit CSUMB's School of Natural Sciences' YouTube Channel to access capstone presentation videos. These capstone presentations contain student's work completed as part of their capstone requirement under supervision of a principal investigator. The results presented do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policy of CSUMB, its staff, or students.

For more details on specific capstone projects, please visit the University Capstone & Thesis Archive.

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