CSUMB / NASA Ames Cooperative Agreement

Department of Applied Environmental Science

NASA - HQ Support

The NASA - HQ Support is one of the 6 tasks of the Ames Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (ARC-CREST) agreement, along with the CSUMB Educational Program; Agriculture, Health, and Marine Applied Science; Terrestrial Ecosystem and Carbon Simulation Modeling; Disaster Management; and Ecological Forecasting / NASA Earth Exchange (NEX). Under this task, the team monitors progress and provides support for NASA and CSUMB projects and programs associated with the other tasks.


CSUMB Senior Research Scientist: Forrest Melton

Primary Objectives

  • Support the NASA Applied Sciences Program, Water Resources application area by serving as an Associate Program Manager for Water Resources, and a Deputy Program Manager for the Suomi NPP satellite mission.
  • Monitor progress across the project portfolio, engage and support project teams in identifying and resolving project issues, and coordinate the ASP Water Resources science community.
  • Engage and support the NASA Applied Sciences stakeholder community.