CSUMB / NASA Ames Cooperative Agreement

Department of Applied Environmental Science

Ecological Forecasting - NASA Earth Exchange (NEX)

The Ecological Forecasting / NASA Earth Exchange (NEX)Program is one of the 6 tasks of the Ames Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (ARC-CREST) agreement, along with the CSUMB Educational Program; Agriculture, Health, and Marine Applied Science; NASA-HQ Support; Terrestrial Ecosystem and Carbon Simulation Modeling; Disaster Management; and . Under this task, ARC-CREST scientists and software engineers collaborate with scientists and engineers in the NASA Ames Earth Science Division and the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division to develop and support the NEX collaborative supercomputing/cloud computing environment for large-scale Earth science research.


CSUMB Senior Research Scientists: Forrest Melton, Andrew Michaelis

CSUMB Research Scientists: Alberto Guzman, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Weile Wang

NASA Civil Servant Collaborators: Rama Nemani, Jennifer Dungan

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