The CSUMB and NASA Ames Collaboration


Since 1997, CSUMB and NASA Ames Research Center conduct collaborative research in ecological and watershed systems with an emphasis on local, regional, and global environmental problems related to climate change and land-use patterns. These complex environmental issues are studied using remote sensing, image processing, geographical information systems, computer simulation and analyses, data acquisition and visualization, and high bandwidth telecommunications.

Ames Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology

Dr. Susan Alexander, Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, is the Director of a long-term, collaborative research program between NASA Ames Research Center and CSUMB. In 2012 CSUMB was awarded a 10 year, multimillion dollar grant by NASA, as part of the Ames Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (ARC-CREST). This 10 year commitment from NASA supports innovative research on important environmental and earth system science issues and strengthens the pipeline that provides CSUMB students and recent graduates with exciting opportunities in research, technology training, and career development. CSUMB is involved in six tasks within the ARC-CREST collaboration:

Educational Programs

CSUMB Senior Research Scientist: Kenneth Weinstock

Agriculture, Health, and Marine Applied Science

CSUMB Senior Research Scientists: Forrest Melton, Lee Johnson

NASA-HQ Support

CSUMB Senior Research Scientist: Forrest Melton

Terrestrial Ecosystem and Carbon Simulation Modeling

CSUMB Research Scientist: Vanessa Brooks Genovese

Disaster Management

CSUMB Senior Research Scientists: Vincent G. Ambrosia, Robert Dahlgren

Ecological Forecasting / NASA Earth Exchange (NEX)

CSUMB Senior Research Scientists: Forrest Melton, Andrew Michaelis

Research Scientists: Hiro Hashimoto, Alberto Guzman, Weile Wang

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