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MPA Recording Studios

MPA's studio-focused classes include MPA 307: Audio Production, MPA 308: Mixing and Editing, and MPA 408: Advanced Audio Production. Through these courses and others, students learn the artistic and technical skills necessary to become successful engineers. In the process, students gain hands-on experience with a range of professional-level hardware and software while recording and mixing themselves, their peers, and visiting artists.

The 57,500 cubic feet live room in the Music Hall offers a distinctive and flexible tracking space, which includes a Steinway Model D grand piano. This space is managed and maintained in partnership with hardware and software technicians as well as skilled and knowledgeable staff and students.

The Studio A at MPA is equipped with a Pro Tools HDX system running several DAWs, including Pro Tools and Reaper. The studio is built around an MTA 980 mixing console, which is perhaps best known as the console used on Radiohead's OK Computer. It features a brand new Focusrite Rednet I/O system that is Dante compatible. Along with the Pro Tools HDX system and a full slate of Universal Audio and Waves plug-ins, the studio has a sophisticated tiny telephone patch bay matrix offering access to a selection of outboard gear.

Studio A - MTA
Studio A - MTA
Studio B - SSL
Studio B - SSL

Studio B is equipped with a 40-input SSL Matrix Console, which allows full DAW control of multiple programs across multiple layers. This studio also features Pro Tools and Reaper, 14 outboard preamps, and Universal Audio, Slate, and Waves plug-ins along with a selection of additional outboard gear.

The program's microphone collection includes offerings from AKG, Neumann, Audio Technica, Beyer, Josephson, Shure, Wunder, and other manufacturers. View a full list of available equipment.

In addition to the live room and two control rooms in the Music Hall, Building 48 (Grove Hall) houses an Electronic Music and MIDI lab. This spaces provide separate workstations featuring Korg Triton Extreme and Korg Trinity ProX keyboards, Focusrite 2i2 interfaces, and Macs running software including Pro Tools, Propellerhead's Reason, and Avid's Sibelius.

Recording student resources

The following resources are here to assist Recording Technology Students with preparing for Recording Sessions in the studio for course related work, capstone or personal projects.

Equipment Checkout Sheet - To be completed before session start. List all equipment necessary, including microphones, cables, stands, headphones, etc.

Recording studio equipment list

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