College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Music and Performing Arts

Jeffrey Jones with steel drum with OSU in background

Jeffrey A. Jones

I like helping my students become better musicians. But, more than anything else, I want to help my students on their journey to be fully-realized versions of their best selves who are well equipped for life, livelihood, and responsible citizenship.

Title:  Chair, Music & Performing Arts
Professor of Music
Office Location 48-116
Office Hours On Canvas or by appointment
Areas of Expertise

Medical and Applied Ethnomusicology; Music and Community Development;
Contemporary Improvisation; Steel Pan in Trinidad

Courses Taught

MPA 100 - Music Fundamentals
MPA 101 - Diatonic Harmony
MPA 220 - From Gregorian Chant to Hip-Hop
MPA 303 - Proseminar II
MPA 304 - Writing About Music
MPA 321 - Monterey Jazz Festival
MPA 365 - Survey of Global Music 
MPA 475 - Senior Capstone

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