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First-Year Math/Statistics Course Information

First-Year Success in Mathematics and Statistics

Welcome to CSUMB! As a new student, one of your first goals will be to choose your first-year classes. As you do so, you should think about which classes will best support your success in the first year and throughout your college career. With few exceptions, every first-year student will take a general education mathematics course. Choosing which first-year math courses to take means exercising Habits of Mind that support academic excellence. Specifically, you need to reflect on your strengths, consider where you need support, plan for your goals, and take responsibility for your own success.

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In order to provide you the information and guidance you need to make a thoughtful choice, we require all students who have not otherwise met the first-year general education (GE) requirements to complete reflective experiences that will introduce you to the expectations of college-level work. When you have completed those experiences, you will respond to surveys inviting you to think about the work you just did and your previous preparation. Those surveys will result in recommendation for our first-year course. After you have reviewed your options, you will make your own decision about the course in which you enroll.

First-Year Mathematics and Statistics Courses

We have several interesting and applicable mathematics and statistics courses that support students in their general education and major, categorized as B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Literacy. Some programs and majors require a specific mathematics or statistics course, while other programs and majors have no specific requirement and you get to choose which course will be most useful or interesting to you. See the list below for some guidance, but always check with your major adviser to be sure you are taking the right course.

Mathematics and Statistics Support Courses for First-Year Success

Since not everyone has the same experience with mathematics and statistics, we offer Support Courses to review important concepts, deepen your understanding of the content in your first-year mathematics/statistics class, and offer you strategies for learning math/stats. To help you determine which first-year mathematics/statistics course is best for you, we have developed an online experience called “Choosing Your First-Year Mathematics/Statistics Course.” The experience will guide you to the best mathematics/statistics course for your intended career/major and and help you determine whether a support course might help you be more successful based on your own reflection on your experiences, skills, and expectations.

Here is a list of our first-year mathematics and statistics courses and the support courses to consider:

  • MATH 100: Quantitative Literacy
    • MATH 10: Support for Quantitative Literacy
  • MATH 115: Finite Mathematics
    • MATH 15: Support for Finite Mathematics
  • STAT 100: Introduction to Statistics
    • STAT 10: Support for Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH 130: Precalculus
    • MATH 30: Support for Precalculus
  • MATH 150: Calculus I

EdReady Online Learning and Assessment

The CSUMB Mathematics and Statistics Department is offering supplemental mathematics practice for CSUMB students planning to take MATH 100, MATH 115, MATH 130, or STAT 100. Students can access this free, and self paced resources on your dashboard.

Calculus Sequence

Many majors in the College of Science require MATH 150 (and beyond), but many students take MATH 130 first, depending on their previous math experience. To determine if you should take MATH 130 before MATH 150 please see our Calculus Placement information.

Majors that require MATH 150, but for which students may need to take MATH 130 first are indicated with an asterisk*

Here are the current requirements for different majors, but as always please check the catalog associated with your major for the current requirements.

ProgramRequired First Year Math ClassRecommended
College of Science    
Agriculture and Plant Sciences STAT 100  
Biology* MATH 150 MATH 130
Communication Design STAT 100  
Computer Science* MATH 150 MATH 130
Environmental Science, Tech & Policy* MATH 150 MATH 130
Environmental Studies STAT 100  
Marine Science* MATH 150 MATH 130
Mathematics* MATH 150 MATH 130
Statistics* MATH 150 MATH  130
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences    
Psychology STAT 100  
Social & Behavioral Sciences STAT 100  
Visual & Public Art Any B4 STAT 100 or MATH 100
Cinematic Arts & Technology Any B4 STAT 100 or MATH 100
Music Any B4 STAT 100 or MATH 100
Humanities & Communication Any B4

STAT 100

Japanese Language & Culture Any B4 STAT 100
Spanish Language & Hispanic Cultures Any B4 STAT 100
Global Studies Any B4 STAT 100
College of Business    
Business Administration

MATH 115 or MATH 130 or MATH 150 

STAT 100 (as option)

MATH 115 
Sustainable Hospitality Management

MATH 115 or MATH 130 or MATH 150 

STAT 100 (as option)

MATH 115 
College of Education    
Liberal Studies MATH 100  
Human Development & Family Studies Any B4 STAT 100
College of Health Sciences and Human Services    
Collaborative Health & Human Services Any B4 STAT 100
Kinesiology STAT 100