College of Science

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


  • The Math Advising Group provides academic advising and support throughout the year. If you're a mathematics major or minor, a faculty adviser helps you devise an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), where you chart your pathway to graduation. Your ILP will map our how you'll meet all your requirements for graduation, while at the same time pursing your personal and professional interests.

    Furthermore, an adviser may alert you to opportunities — in mathematics, at CSUMB, in the community — that help you achieve your goals. Your adviser may help you plan and prepare for graduate school or post-CSUMB careers. You should choose an adviser whose interests overlap with yours, and with whom you feel comfortable talking. Even after you've chosen a particular adviser, every member of the Math Advising Group is a resource for your academics needs.

  • If you're not a mathematics major, any member of the Math Advising Group can advise you on what mathematics courses you need to take for your particular major. The faculty members of the Math Advising Group are eager to help you achieve your personal and professional goals while you are a student with us, and even after you graduate.

  • If you intend to be a mathematics major, you should select Mathematics on the CSU application. You may declare mathematics as your major as soon as you enter CSUMB. If you are a CSUMB student who wishes to become a mathematics major, you should request a change of major.

    If you would like to be a mathematics minor or statistics minor please make an appointment with a faculty advisor who will assist you in devising a Mathematics Minor Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Then you submit your signed ILP at the Campus Service Center in Building 47 to become a mathematics minor.

    If interested in the mathematics major, mathematics minor, or any other issues related to mathematics please contact the faculty listed below for expert academic advising about the mathematics program, courses, and learning outcomes.

  • Schedule an appointment with the Center for Advising, Career & Student Success to meet with an adviser. Further questions about scheduling, planning, mathematics and/or statistics advising can be consulted with the dedicated mathematics and statistics adviser Diana Valle.