President's Message

Dear friends of Cal State Monterey Bay,

President Ochoa in his office

Since its founding, Cal State Monterey Bay has been dedicated to providing access to higher education to the broadest range of qualified students.

Of course, having access to a university is only a first step toward a degree. The CSU’s Graduation Initiative 2025 is focused on making sure that more of our students graduate on-time with the tools they need to succeed.

For many of our students, the path from their first CSUMB class to commencement is a long and winding one. Life has a way of intervening. But at CSUMB, and throughout the CSU, we are undertaking a comprehensive effort to eliminate any unnecessary hurdles.

We are looking at ways we can ease a student’s transition into college life – through orientation, our award-winning developmental math program, our Stretch written and oral communication program, and our learning communities, which allow students to live and study with fellow students in their majors.

It is a fact of academic life that many students change majors. So we want to align courses in similar majors to make those transitions easier. And we are adopting Smart Planner, which allows students to plot their path to a degree online and helps us know how many sections of classes we will need to offer.

We have added to our advising staff and are instituting mandated visits to advisers at critical junctures in our students’ academic careers to be sure they are on the right track. We are examining basic classes with high failure rates to see how we can teach those classes better.

We are guided by two principles. We want to make sure that the improvements in student performance are reflected across our entire student body. And we will not sacrifice quality; our students still must have a rigorous educational experience.

Our graduation numbers show we have made impressive progress. And we still have a ways to go.

The non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California has predicted that our state faces a shortage of roughly one million college-educated workers by 2030. CSUMB is determined to help close that gap, by both recruiting a diverse group of students and, in a timely fashion, turning them into a diverse group of college graduates.


Eduardo M. Ochoa, President