Placing Materials on Course Reserve

CSUMB Library Course Reserve Collection consists of required and/or recommended materials placed on reserve by instructors each semester their class is being taught. Required course materials have priority processing. Articles should be linked to from your iLearn course or permissions for uploading will be sought by the library.

When to submit course reserve materials

To ensure that Course Reserve materials are processed and available to students at the beginning of the semester, we recommend that the Library receive all materials at least 4 weeks prior to the first day of instruction.

What to place on course reserves

Books & personal copies*

CSUMB Library copies and personally-owned copies, limit of 4 copies of the same title. Please include attached note for special handling for processing personal copies. The Library does not place on reserve copies of materials, including readers, created by retail/mail-order vendors or borrowed from other libraries.


Consult the guide to Electronic Course Readings for guidance on articles from newspapers, periodicals, other non-book sources and unpublished work by the instructor.

Photocopies of unpublished personal materials*

Personally written unpublished loose-leaf materials may be placed on electronic reserve, and bound materials may be placed on course reserve.


Items owned by CSUMB Library, and media in its original packaging from the manufacturer. The Library does not place on reserve materials produced by retail/ mail-order vendors or from other libraries.

The Library is not responsible for the condition in which materials are returned, nor will the library bill patrons for lost or damaged personal copies.

Loan periods for regular course reserve

Loan periods are pre-determined by the instructor when Course Reserves requests are submitted. Loan periods for regular course reserves are 2-hour, 1-day, and 3-days. The Library will notify instructors about individuals who consistently return Course reserve items late, and patrons who have not returned Course Reserve items

How to submit course reserve request

  • Library-owned books, or to request the library purchase a book: submit via the online Course Reserve Request Form.
  • Personal copies or library-owned books: submit in person or by mail using Course Reserve Item Form below.

Course Reserve Item Form

  • A course syllabus is not required, but we do request a copy if possible, either by email attachment or in hardcopy.
  • Bring completed Course Reserve Item Form with personal copies of books to the Circulation Desk or mail them to Library Course Reserves, CSUMB Library, Bldg 508, 100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955. The faculty/instructor is responsible for delivering the personal copies and any library-owned copies in her/his possession to the Library
  • Please Note: The library accepts personal/department copies of books and other materials for reserves. Instructors are cautioned to make this decision with care as items may be lost or damaged by borrowers. The reserves staff will use tape/stickers on the spine and adhesive security tag inside of the book in order to label it for library lending.

Removing course reserve materials

Near the end of each semester the Library will send an e-mail requesting course lists for the following semester. If the Library does not receive a response, Library owned items are returned to the collection for general use, and personal copies are returned via campus mail back to the instructor's department.

U.S. Copyright Laws may protect some materials place in a course & electronic reserve environment. By using Course Reserve Services, the instructor and the student agree to comply with existing U.S. copyright laws


Course & Electronic Reserve Services questions may be directed to the Course Reserve staff at 831-582-3733 / 831-582-3897,