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New Student FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions

Do I need a new library barcode sticker for my new ID card?

No--the library staff can identify you and access your account via the magnetic stripe on the back of your new OtterCard.

How do I find my CSUMB username?

CSUMB username

How do I reset my password?

Changing your Password

What is the default password?

When you first get your CSUMB username account, your default password is your date of birth in the format of the capitalized month, followed by the two-digit day and four-digit year. For example, if your birthdate was November 9, 1980, your password would be November 091980.

Where else are there computers on campus?

Computer labs or lab classrooms can be used when no classes are in session:


Heron Hall rooms 104, 110, 156, 160

Chapman Science Academic Center rooms S119, S128

Joel and Dena Gambord BIT Building rooms 107, 117


Heron Hall room 110

Student Services Building room H102

Science Instructional Lab Annex room 110

Joel and Dena Gambord BIT Building room 118

Where are the Mac computers in the library?

Three computers on the first floor of the library run Mac OS; the rest are Windows.

Where can I use a scanner?

There is a scanner in the main computing area in the library.

How do I check my printing balance?

Go to your dashboard. Your print balance appears when you click on the printer icon.

How do I add money to my printing balance?

Adding credit to your printing balance

Where can I get software help (using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)?

Try the IT Service Desk or an online tutorial. For information about technology tutoring please visit the Cooperative Learning Center (CLC).

Where is there a computer loaded with Photoshop?

All library computers have Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop.

Where can I send a fax?

From the Student Center Bldg., for $0.25 per page.

Where is there a color copier or printer?

There are no color copiers or printers currently available for student use on campus. There is one black and white copier located on the first floor of the library. Students may pay for copies with change or $1 bills.

Where can I get change?

In the Campus Bookstore, the Dining Commons and the Otter Express. The Library Cafe will only give change upon purchase of an item.

Where can I put Dining Dollars on my CSUMB username card?

Online through CMS (Finances > Make a Payment > Other > OtterBucks) or at the Campus Service Center (located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building, Bldg. 47)

Where are the ATM machines?

There is an ATM in the Student Center(where Starbucks is located). Building hours are here

Where can I look up important phone numbers?

CSU Monterey Bay directory

Where is building XXX?

Map & Directions

How do I access my class schedule, financial aid, advising, or registration info?

Go to your Dashboard, then click CMS

I still don't have an answer to my question. Is there someone I can ask?

Ask a librarian!


(831) 582-3733