Library Resources for International Students


Welcome to the Tanimura and Antle Family Memorial Library. The librarians and staff in the library are here to help you.

Besides offering various services and resources to support academic coursework and research, the Library serves a large international student body who come from countries around the world.

As an international student studying in another culture and educational system, you may have some challenges conducting research because our library and its services are somewhat different from those in your own country. This guide will introduce you to our library collections and services. We hope that you will find the guide useful in your library research and that you have an enjoyable experience using our Library.


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Top five services at the library

Research Resources

The Library has all of the information resources that you need to be successful in your courses at CSUMB. Using the ‘Find’ box on the library’s homepage will allow you to search for something in a variety of ways. If you’d like to see an overview of the resources available for a specific discipline (biology, for instance) you can do so by looking at the Library's Subject Guides. If you’re having difficulty finding something please refer to the ‘Where to ask for help section below’.

Checking Out Books

The CSUMB library has both print and ebooks on a wide variety of topics, from statistics to English literature. On the Library’s home page you can click the box that says ‘Find...’ and then ‘Books by Title’, ‘Books by Keyword’, or ‘Books by Author’ to begin searching. The Library organizes its book shelves according to the Library of Congress classification system. If you’re interested in taking a break from course work and doing some reading for fun check out the Recreational Reading page for some suggestions.

Course Reserves

Some professors at CSUMB place their course’s assigned books on course reserve, so that their students may use those books in the library. You can find out if that is the case for your course by searching the Course Reserves collection. Unlike the library’s regular collection, course reserves can typically only be checked out for two hours at a time.

Study Rooms

Looking for a place to work on a group project? Library group study rooms are available for use by CSUMB students and come equipped with white boards and internet connected monitors for displaying your work. Group study room reservations can be made online at


The Cooperative Learning Center provides one-on-one and group peer tutoring to students in the areas of world languages, mathematics and statistics, sciences, technology and writing. This is a free service available to all students. For more information, see

Where to ask for help

Please ask us for help whenever you need it. We are here to help you! Come to the Ask a LIbrarian desk on the main floor, or contact us using telephone, email or instant messenger on the Ask a Librarian page.

For help with research and general questions about the library and the campus:

Ask a Librarian

For questions about your library loans or fines or library policies:

Call our library general number: (831) 582-3733


For tutoring help:

Cooperative Learning Center

(831) 582-4104

For Academic Advising:

Degree seeking students contact the Center for Advising, Career and Student Success

(831) 582-3937

Exchange students contact your academic department advisor(s)

Library terminology

New students may find that instructors and librarians may occasionally use some unfamiliar library or research terms. The following list includes terms and definitions that will help you as you conduct research.

Association of College & Research Libraries Instruction Section - Instruction for Diverse Populations Multilingual Glossary - Definitions [[PDF document](]

Association of College & Research Libraries Instruction Section - Instruction for Diverse Populations Multilingual Glossary - Language Table [[PDF document](]

Textbook options

University Bookstore

To purchase textbooks for your courses, please visit the campus bookstore. You can order in-person or purchase your books online. If you purchase textbooks online, you can either pick up the textbooks at the bookstore or have the books shipped to your address. You may also be given an option to purchase a new copy, purchase a used copy, rent a new copy, or rent a used copy of the textbook.

Library Course Reserves (

You may also find some of the textbooks in the library that you can check out for up to two hours. Once checked out, the course reserve items must remain inside of the main library building. To check an item out, you must present your CSUMB ID card. To locate course reserve materials, you can use the link above or speak with a librarian. An instructor may also place electronic journal articles in iLearn.

Textbooks for Sale/Purchase (CSUMB Google+ Community)

Students may post textbook sale announcements or place purchase requests for textbooks on the CSUMB Google+ community Textbooks For Sale. You must log into your CSUMB dashboard, click on Google+ in the apps menu and join this community in order to view and post items.

Copyright and plagairism in U.S. libraries and universities

Universities in the United States have very strict policies concerning copyright and plagiarism. Here are some resources that will help explain these policies:

Purdue University Online Writing Lab Strategies for Fair Use

Purdue University Online Writing Lab Avoiding Plagairism

Cornell University Academic Integrity FAQ

For a more light-hearted introduction to academic plagiarism, watch the video from University of Bergen, Norway (subtitled in English).