Government Information Research Guide

U.S. federal/national

Policy is created at different levels of government and by different types of agencies and departments.

Federal Laws, Regulations and Legislation -- United States

Congressional Research Service Reports (get names and numbers of laws and legislation) (Congressional bills and legislation; was Thomas)

Search Government Publications via GPO Federal Digital System (including most categories listed below)

Westlaw (replaces Lexis-Nexis) select the Federal Materials tab


Environmental Regulatory Documents (from (now includes policy and regulatory documents)

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (since 2007)

Coastal Zone Information Center (selected federal and state documents 1951-1999)

Federal Departments and Agencies -- United States

Cabinet Departments

Other Agencies and Commissions

Search U.S. government publications

The CSUMB Library has a growing collection of recent U.S. federal government publications for which the full text is available online.

California state

State Laws, Regulations and Legislation -- California

California Research Bureau Reports

Legislative Analyst's Reports on Environment & Natural Resources

California Senate Office of Research

California State Legislative Portal

Digital Democracy search for CA bills, videos/transcripts of hearings, speakers and their affiliations

California Assembly and Senate Bills

California Code and Statutes

California Code of Regulations

Westlaw (replaces Lexis-Nexis) select the State Materials tab

Open States bills and legislation from all 50 states

State Departments and Agencies -- California

All State Agencies, Departments and Commissions

California Coastal Commission

CERES (California Environmental Resources Evaluation System)


Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA)

Fish and Wildlife (was Fish and Game)

Food and Agriculture

Natural Resources Agency

Water Resources (Dept. of)

Water Resources Control Board

California local and regional

City and County Codes

California Local Codes and Charters

California Municipal and County Codes

City, County and Regional Governments and Agencies

Tri-County Municipal Government links

Guide to California Local and Regional Government


International Agencies

United Nations

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) includes fisheries

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

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