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Automatic Citation Formatting

Many of the Library's databases offer automatic citation formatting tools for APA, MLA and other citation styles. Look for a link or icon labeled "cite," "citation tools," "export citation," or something similar.

In the library's books and articles search (on the library home page), formatted citations are provided on the right side of the page you see when you click the title of a book or article.

These formatting tools are not always 100% accurate, so check your results carefully. If you are in doubt, compare your results with examples from the most recent version of the appropriate style manual.

Already have a citation? Need to format it on-the-fly? Try the links below.

Check your results carefully.

Citation Machine- for MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago

Style Wizard- MLA or APA

KnightCite- APA, MLA or Chicago

NoodleBib - APA, MLA, Chicago


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