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2018 Ethnic Studies Research Paper Award Winners

The CSUMB Library is pleased to announce the winner of our Ethnic Studies Research Paper Award. Marisol Cruz, a CHHS major graduating in Spring 2018, has won the award for her paper “Filipino Americans: A health profile addressing health disparities and the effects of U.S. assimilation and discrimination.” Marisol wrote the winning paper for PH 407: Multicultural Health Education (3 units).

An honorable mention goes to Bianca Figueroa for her paper “Euro-American Sex Tourism in the Caribbean.” Bianca is a Social and Behavioral Sciences major graduating in Spring 2018.

An honorable mention for creativity has been awarded to Sabrina Lee, a first-year student whose paper, “From Animals to Human,” describes her grandmother’s experience immigrating from Laos to the U.S.

These exceptional papers are published in the Digital Commons.


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