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Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) Pathways

The three different ITEP pathways combine the requirements for the Liberal Studies degree and credential courses within one cohesive program that allows students to finish their BA and credential in less time. As such, please know that the following pathways are accelerated and require more units per semester, and requires students to commit to a prescribed course sequence.*

*Deviating from the structured sequence may result in loss of program eligibility, and require students to be placed back in the Traditional Pathway.

ITEP Pathways/Concentrations

  • Integrated Elementary Education Credential Pathway - BA + Elementary Education Credential (4 years for freshman, 2 years for transfers*)
  • Integrated Bilingual Elementary Education Concentration - BA + Preliminary Elementary Education Credential with Bilingual Authorization (4.5 years for freshman & 2.5 years for transfer students*)
  • Integrated Special Education Concentration - BA + Special Education Credential (4 years for freshman, 2 years for transfers*)

*For transfer students, completion timelines are contingent upon entering CSUMB with all lower division major requirements for the specific pathway completed; please contact the LS advisor for more information.

How do I select an ITEP pathway?

Liberal Studies

(831) 582-4560