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Leadership Development at CSUMB offers a wide variety of workshops that can be delivered to many different audiences: classes, student organizations, athletic teams, or student, staff, and faculty trainings. Below you can view a list of pre-set workshops that can be catered to your direct needs, but if you have an idea for a more specific leadership training that you would like conducted, please let us know! We are always eager to be creative and try new things.

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Interview Skills and Mock Interviews

This workshop can be tooled based on what your group is looking to get out of it. Mock interviews can be very helpful when preparing for a professional job interview in a specific field. If just starting to think about interviewing, the discussion will focus on interview etiquette and offer tips to succeed while preparing for and on the day-of interviews.

Leadership Theory Education

These workshops take participants through the basics of many of the premier leadership theories. Through involvement in these workshops, participants will have a fundamental understanding of one of the following theories (each theory is delivered as its own workshop):

  • Social Change Model
  • Leadership Identity Development Model
  • Relational Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Servant Leadership

LindedIn 101

This is a casual hands-on training session and round table discussion for LinkedIn. Topics include creating a LinkedIn account, logistics of a adding experience and skills from your resume, strategies and best practices for writing a summary and more. Bring your updated resume and a laptop!

My First Resume

Writing an effective resume is essential to obtaining interviews and can be helpful for identifying skills you still want to add. We will review the fundamental content and proper formatting of a resume. Bring a list of your work, involvement, and volunteering experience and a laptop computer.

Networking, What Does That Really Mean?

The term networking gets thrown around often, but what does it really mean? This workshop will show you how to identify networking opportunities, help you utilize your current network and offer tips for expanding your connections. You never know which member of your network may lead to your next job! Come ready to participate in discussion.

Situational Supervision

Managing people can be challenging - especially when every person has a different work and learning style. This workshop takes participants through the concept of situational supervision, giving them the opportunity to explore both how they prefer to be supervised and how best to supervise others who are different from them.

Student Leader Resumes: How to Translate Your Skills

Being a student leader sets you above and beyond your competition if you know how to leverage your experiences. Bring your most up to date resume and be ready for discussion surrounding how your leadership experiences translate to professional skills.

Take the Stage!

A part of good leadership is high quality oral communication. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to practice some fun and energizing exercises that will help them be more comfortable speaking publicly and develop their capacity to do so well.

Time Management

Time management is a difficult thing to master, especially in a college setting where your time commitments may vary from semester to semester. This workshop will show you some common time management strategies and tips for success in order to help you maximize your time and keep a healthy balance. Bring your course schedule and a list of all work, involvement, and other commitments.

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