Leadership Development

Leadership Expedition


The Leadership Expedition is a premier leadership development opportunity open to only 10 students per semester. Those who attend will be introduced to leadership theories and practices geared toward enhancing each participant’s ability to “Be the change they wish to see in the world.” This backcountry expedition will allow participants to self assess their own leadership style, values, and goals, while creating space for students to create a leadership action plan. This expedition is intended for students preparing to or currently taking an active leadership role(s) in their communities.

Learning Outcomes

The foundational leadership theory of this expedition will be the Social Change Model of leadership. Students will gain both an understanding of the model as well as a commitment to further action for social responsibility and change. Expeditionary skills related to group management and self awareness will allow participants to hands on experience practicing and perfecting their own leadership style.

Past leadership expedition, students sitting in circle on beach

Application Timeline

Applications for the Leadership Expedition are currently closed. Questions? Contact studentengagement@csumb.edu