2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference

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On March 4, 2017, students had the opportunity to engage in the annual Leadership Conference. This year's theme, Awareness to Action: Becoming a Thought Leader, inspired students to action through awareness of their own personal values, commitments, and leadership efficacy. The three speakers - Alice Y. Hom, Wilson Okello, and Marcela Ramirez - shared their wisdom, knowledge, and experience related to the conference theme providing dynamic content on which students could reflect.

Throughout the day, students also engaged in a case study (downloadable below) addressing a leadership challenge based on real life circumstances. This case study encouraged students to explore leadership at the individual, group, and societal levels - examining the interplay between individualism and community approaches to leadership. It was a busy day filled with rich dialogue and reflection. These quotes from students who attended the conference give a snapshot of the learning and engagement that occurred:

Participants engage in the case study at the 2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference
"The Leadership Conference increased my confidence in my own leadership capacity by improving my knowledge of how to take action and make a positive impact through passion. This helped to become a better person and a better leader"
Participants taking a lunch break at the 2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference
"Working with the other leaders in the case studies helped me realize that I am better able to take charge and deal with the problem than I initially thought."
Participants in line for lunch at the 2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference
"I realized that CSUMB offers so many resources to its students and we, including myself, do not utilize them enough. Being a leader to me means to take action and be that support system for others but often times leaders need that support as well and the conference helped me realize that there are so many people offering support on campus you just need to reach out to them."
"The major idea that I took away from the conference is that we all have the potential to be a leader and now I feel like I have more of the tools that I needed to be confident enough to lead where as before I felt like my position didn't matter."

2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference Case Study

Be sure to check out the Leadership Development website for more exciting leadership opportunities! If you have questions about this event, other leadership initiatives on campus, or would like a leadership workshop in your class or for your group, please email studentactivities@csumb.edu.

Participants in the CSUMB Leadership Conference listen to Wilson Okello, one of