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Use Better Two-Factor Authentication

In August 2018, the world was surprised to discover Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account had been hacked.

The method by which he was hacked, however, had nothing to do with Twitter. It had everything to do with his phone number.

And using one small step would have prevented 20 minutes of embarrassment for a high-level executive at a Fortune 500 company.

Authenticator App

The solution? Make your two-factor authentication depend on the physical phone and not just the phone number. 

CSUMB Uses the Okta Verify App

You can also use an app for two-factor authentication when you login to It's called Okta Verify.

Setting Up MFA on Popular Apps

See these how-to-guides on how to set up MFA on other popular apps:

Visit to see if they offer a “software token,” which is a time-based, one-time passcode.

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