Rethink is over

Well, the project is over, but there's still a lot left to "rethink how we use the Web" at CSUMB.

Otherwise you are looking at the results of the CSUMB Rethink project, a mobile-first, streamlined, and beautiful site for the entire campus that went live on February 9, 2015.

Need help with the new website? Drop us a line at

We wrote up a post-launch review of our year's worth of work, and we continue to blog best practices.

What are we currently working on in post-launch? We use Trello to manage that.


Request for Quotation

  • Contract with Four Kitchens ends (July 21, 2014)
  • Four Kitchens begins discovery (February 18, 2014)
  • Four Kitchens wins the big (December 19, 2013)
  • Request for Quotation announced (October 10, 2013).


We have a pretty good web team at Cal State Monterey Bay, but we are planning big things for this project and need some extra hands to help us rethink the our campus' approach to the web. We think you'll love to work with us, but don't just take our word for it:

I'm just going to say it: Cal State Monterey Bay's Web redesign team has it together more than almost any other team we've ever worked with.

Jason Pontius (@jasonpontius)


Request for Quotation (released 10/10/2013)

There are two major sections to the RFQ, or Request for Quotation, (section 2 and section 3), and you can bid on either one or both of them. Since these are not Requests for Proposals (RFP), you do not need to provide full-blown proposals, but instead outline what services you provide, give examples of similar work you have completed in the past, and of course a quote for what it will cost. You should also have a picture of a brown m&m somewhere in your response.

Design refresh and content strategy (section 2)

We really like the current design of our website, and other people do, too. However, it needs to be re-engineered based on responsive design, and given a refresh to meet not only the changing landscape of web design, but new use cases such as logged in user interfaces and ecommerce.

Our websites also have lots of content, and we need new approaches in content strategy and information architecture as we move toward a more unified web presence and many more kinds of content reuse.

Inline editor and feeds importer (section 3)

New content strategy also requires a new editing environment, and while we have our own experienced developers to build our site, we need some extra help to create a radical new kind of editing experience that lends itself to inline editing, reusable content widgets, and tools that enforce structure over style. This work will also be released as a contributed module on

While we have lots of user-generated content, we also have a ton of content coming in from different systems on campus, including courses, events, and student data. Parsing lots of data with the Feeds module can take some time, so we'd also like a module developed that can do feed parsing much faster.