Buy department printers, dispose old department printers, find out about printer repair services, get the right paper for your printer, and learn how to replace and recycle old toner cartridges.

Lab printing

Each semester students and faculty automatically receive a starting print balance of $12.00 (equal to 150 pages). Any time someone prints in one of the labs, the pages they print are automatically deducted from their starting balance at $0.08 per page.

Check your printer balance and buy more pages in the "Print balance" section of the CSUMB Dashboard.

You can also pay for more paper with cash at the Campus Service Center

Please note that print balances do not roll over from one semester to another so plan any additions to your print balance accordingly.

Personal computers can not print to lab printers.

Faculty should print course materials using their department printers/copiers

There is no alumni or guest printing available, unless prearranged through a conference group.

Lab printers are available in the following locations and can only be accessed/printed to from the CSUMB computers in these areas:

  • 12-149
  • 18-LobbyA
  • 48-107
  • 48-118
  • 50-110
  • 53-E140
  • 53-E223
  • 053-E338
  • 53-S117
  • 53-S119
  • 53-S128
  • 47H-102
  • 508-2145
  • 508-Cafe
  • 508-REF-001
  • 82B-115
  • 82D-115
  • 71-100

Buy department copiers & printers

Department copiers

Most departments have multifunction copiers that combine copying, printing, scanning and faxing all in one printer.

The purchase of all department copiers, paper, toner cartridges, maintenance kits, labels, etc. are the responsibility of the department using the device.

Monterey Bay Systems is the university’s supplier of copiers and toner cartridges. Monterey Bay Systems also performs all maintenance, repair and upgrade of the department copiers.

All questions (cost, models, capacity, contract, etc.) about the ordering of new copiers should be directed to:

Adam Hughes

Monterey Bay Systems

(831) 646-808

After you purchase a copier, Monterey Bay Systems will contact you when a device is ready to be delivered. They will perform installation, initial set up, and training and support for the printer functions, including account access setup.

MBS can help you setup the scan to email feature of these devices (scanning to file servers or computers is not supported). To have the scanning feature setup or modified, please contact MBS.

Department Printers

IT can setup department printers to print (we do not support the scanning feature of department printers), connect them to a computer or CSUMB wired network, and perform basic maintenance.

All questions about the ordering of new printers should be directed to:

Kevin Cooper

Senior Account Manager - Higher Education| CDW-G

Phone: 866.208.3849

When you select a location for your device during initial setup, it should be near a network jack and power outlet.

Department printer repair services

All major repairs and recurring problems will be referred to DocuTech or Monterey Bay Systems. The department will be responsible for contacting DocuTech or Monterey Bay Systems and for all costs associated with the repair:

Chris Harrison


(831) 375-4900

Monterey Bay Systems

(831) 646-8080

Recommended paper

We recommend that you use 20lb paper that is designed for laser printers. In most cases you will find that the paper will be labeled for use in printers, faxes, and copy machines. We highly recommend using 30% recycled paper and to not exceed 50% recycle paper, which not only helps reuse paper products, but keeps the machines running at their top productivity.

Using 100% recycled paper actually increases waste because devices jam much more often, wasting not only paper and toner, but also increasing the wear and tear on the machines. In addition,the 100% recycled paper creates an increased paper dust that can deteriorate the lifecycle of printer parts.

Under no circumstances should paper be re-used in a printer, even if nothing was printed on it. The heat and bending the paper experiences going through a printer substantially increases the chance of a paper jam or other malfunction if it is used again.

Toner cartridges replacement and recycling

The toner cartridge supplies the ink for your printer. If your printer output is light, streaked, or the front panel says “toner low”, it is time to replace the toner cartridge.

Cartridges are usually available in new and remanufactured versions. If you are buying a remanufactured cartridge, make sure you are doing so from a reputable reseller.

Cartridges are available from a wide variety of vendors and office supply stores. We purchase a large number of cartridges from:

Chris Harrison


(831) 375-4900

Caroline Prichett

International Laser Group

(800) 937-2880 ext. 3240

Old toner cartridges must be recycled. Please choose one of the following recycling options:

Ricoh Americas Toner Cartridge/Container Recycling Program

International Laser Group (ILG) Recycling Program

Staples Ink Recycling Rewards (for Staples Rewards members)

Dispose of old department copiers and printers

If you have an old copier or printer that was replaced and needs to be picked up by Facilites, you must fill out:

  1. Request for Property Survey
  2. Property Survey Report

Questions about copier and printer disposal should be directed to:

Richard Arredondo

CSUMB Property Coordinator

(831) 582-4619