Phishing Attempt Threat Advisory

Phishing is a fraudulent process used by spammers to acquire sensitive information from users such as usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card details. Recipients are often deceived by phishing attempts since messages appear to be sent by legitimate and trustworthy sources. Some will even appear to come from email addresses within our system (

We’ve been subjected to several new phishing attacks that attempt to draw the attention of recipients with the subject lines “Record Validation”, "2017 Tax Filing Season" or "IMPORTANT IT Update" and the sender appears to be a member of the CSUMB community.

Users are directed to fake websites and asked to "Re-Validate" your campus login and email account or "Update your IRS E-file". In the event that you receive a message fitting these descriptions, please forward a copy of the message to and report it as spam using the "Report Spam" link at the top of your gMail window (circled in red below).

Report the email as Spam

Click on the exclamation point to report spam.

​Our email traffic is filtered by the Google Message Security service, which provides protection against dangerous viruses and spam. However, some spam occasionally gets through, so please use caution.

As a reminder, no one from CSUMB will ever ask for your account password.