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Parent PIN

The parent PIN is used to allow parents or anyone else paying for a student’s fees to log in to the Online Payment System without needing to know a student’s CSUMB username. Students should always use the parent PIN to allow others to pay their fees, instead of handing over their CMS Student/HR password.

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It is against federal law for CSUMB staff to give any password information to people other than the student in question.

Your default parent PIN

There is no default parent PIN. Students must setup each PIN manually through CMS Student/HR.

How to find and change your parent PIN

Changing a parent PIN requires logging into CMS Student/HR. Only the student themselves can log in and create a PIN.

  1. Log in to CMS Student/HR.
  2. Click the Student center link in your menu.
  3. Click Make a Payment. This will take you to the Online Payment System.
  4. Click Your Account at the top of the page.
  5. You will see a list of pre-existing parent PINs under the Parent PINs section.
  6. To add a new PIN, click Add New in the Parent PINs area.
  7. Enter a username, password, and the email address of the individual who will be making payments for your account.
  8. If the username is already taken, you will be asked to enter a different one
  9. Give the person who you are giving access to your account the username and password you just entered.

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