Home server offline

As of January 1, 2013, the CSUMB Home server has been decommissioned. Need a safe place to store files or put up a web page? Here's a few ideas:


You have unlimited space on Google Drive, which is part of your university Google Apps account. You can not only create docs within Drive, but also upload any type of folder/file to drive as well.

Need to host a simple website? We suggest checking out Google Sites, also part of your campus account. Want to upload plain HTML files? Just make a folder in Google Drive, share it with the world, and any HTML files you put in there will be hosted.

SCD students also have access to CSUMB Hosting for their class projects.

Staff & faculty

Each staff and faculty member has a folder on MyDocs (J:/) to keep personal files with a quota of 20GB.

Files related to your work at CSUMB should be stored on CSUMBINFO (M:/) with a quota of 2GB.

Important files/data should be stored on MyDocs, not on your desktop, laptop computer or in email. You run the risk of losing important data and your data is less secure when you keep files on your computer. Files stored on your computer are not backed up and in the event of a computer malfunction, you could lose all of the data stored on your machine.