CSUMB Reporting upgrade complete

The upgrade to CSUMB Reporting is complete and now you need to update to the newest version of Internet Explorer and Hyperion before you can use it.

How to update Internet Explorer and Hyperion

Use the self-service software portal to get updated versions of Internet Explorer and Hyperion. You must be on-campus and if you are using a laptop, connect it to the wired network before you try to do the updates. Follow these steps to complete the updates:

  • Close all applications and save your work
  • Open the LANDesk Portal Manager (Start Menu> All Programs> LANDesk Management>Portal Manager)
  • Select the "IE11 Upgrade (Restart Required)" package (only select and launch/install one package at a time) and click Launch. When prompted, select the "Reboot Now" option to restart your computer.
  • Wait for your machine to restart and open the LANDesk Portal Manager again
  • Select the "Hyperion" package and click Launch
  • Launch Internet Explorer, select Windows Update from the Tools menu and install all Important updates