IT supports computers used by faculty and staff and purchased at CSUMB through the standard purchase process. A CSUMB property tag is required and equipment purchased outside this process is unsupported.

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Computer configurations

Two standard platforms (Windows or Macintosh) and two configurations (laptop or desktop) are recommended and supported by IT. These configurations are used when purchasing new equipment and consistent with CSU hardware recommendations and the CSUMB standard operating environment.

Some enterprise services/applications including OnBase and Hyperion only work with Windows.

  • Most have a built-in speaker, microphone and integrated camera
  • Most are all in one computers (no separate tower)
Windows Desktop: HP Elite AiO Windows Laptop: HP ProBook
23 inch screen, 8GB of RAM, Windows 7 15.6 inch screen, 8GB of RAM, Windows 7
Mac Desktop: Apple iMac Mac Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro
21.5 inch screen, 8GB of RAM, El Capitan or Sierra 13 inch screen, 8GB of RAM, El Capitan or Sierra

Mac video and network adapters: Most Mac laptops have Mini DisplayPort video output and require an adapter if you want to connect your laptop to a projector or external monitor. In addition, most only support Wi-Fi (wireless) and in those cases, you must also purchase a USB Ethernet adapter:

Buy computers with department funds

University Corporation, grant-funded and self-funded departments can buy new computers, replace older computers, or acquire specialty machines with department funds. State-funded departments may also use their own funds to purchase computers.

We do not provide any support for hardware that is purchased outside this process.

The purchasing process

Step 1: Get a quote

Obtain an approved quote for standard desktop or laptop machine. The quotes are shared as a Google Doc, so you will need to be logged into CSUMB Google Apps to see them.

Configurations supported by IT are:

  • Windows or Macintosh
  • Laptop or desktop

These configurations are consistent with CSU hardware recommendations and the CSUMB standard operating environment. Equipment purchased outside this process is unsupported.

Step 2: Create a purchase requisition

Based on the quote, create a purchase requisition. Be sure to include the CA recycling fee in the purchase requisition.

Step 3: Fill out computer request form

A completed computer request form is required for all new or replacement hardware orders and must be completed before your purchase requisition is approved.

A separate request is needed for each computer being ordered. Incomplete or inaccurate requests will delay your order.

Step 4: Have purchase requisition reviewed and signed by IT

Once you have completed the purchase requisition and filled out the computer request form, IT needs to review and sign the requisition before it goes to Purchasing.

IT will check the purchase requisition for accuracy and confirm there is a computer request form associated with each order. IT will direct the completed purchase requisition to get signed by Henry Simpson, Director of Technology Support Services.

Once your purchase requisition is signed, it will be returned to your department unless you request for it to be forwarded to Purchasing.

Purchasing then converts the purchase requisition to a purchase order and sends it to the supplier.

Once your computer arrives at CSUMB, it will be marked as received in to the accounting system and bar coded before it's made available to IT for imaging/setup.

If you have any questions, please contact David Erwin at (831) 582-4523.

Computer Replacement Program

The computer replacement program has been funded for the 16/17 fiscal year. We will begin the campus-wide inventory/asset review process in January of 2018.

University Corporation, manpower, volunteer, self-supported and grant funded positions are not eligible under this program. Departments can buy replacement machines for these users with department funds.

Program eligibility

Eligibility is determined by the age and model of the current asset.

Eligibility is reviewed during department visits and when a service ticket is submitted for an older, problematic computer. Department coordinators will be notified via email of the computers that have been identified as eligible for replacement.

Only one computer per full-time staff or faculty position is covered under this program.

Replacement process

Short site visits are scheduled with each department coordinator to review the program, department inventory, timelines and to answer questions about the program.

Department coordinators will be notified via email of the computers that have been identified as eligible for replacement. The email will include a link to an online computer request form. Each employee (or the department coordinator for shared computers) must complete and submit the form.

Receipt of the form will create the IT WebHelp ticket that is used to schedule the appointment with each person. It is critical that computer location, employee, hardware, software and printer locations are all identified in the form.

In most cases, installation date will be arranged with the department coordinator to ensure that all department computers are replaced at the same time. The Help Desk will schedule specific times with each employee directly after the date is confirmed.

New computer installation process

Employees must be present for the scheduled appointment. If not, the appointment will need to be rescheduled to a later date.

Before the technician arrives, employees must:

  • copy all browser bookmarks and favorites
  • copy all files from the C:/ to either MyDocs (J:/ ) or the Home drive (H:/)
  • clear personal work area around computer and printer

Employees can expect the following from the IT technician:

  • arrival at the confirmed appointment time (or a call to indicate a change in schedule)
  • disconnection of the existing computer and peripherals (e.g., scanners & printers)
  • installation of the new computer and connection to the peripherals
  • confirmation that the computer connects to the CSUMB network
  • confirmation that printers are set up to print
  • resources for becoming familiar with the operating system of your computer

iPad purchase and support information

You do not need a quote or approval to purchase an iPad and they are not bar coded or tracked by the CSUMB Property Department or IT.

You can purchase an iPad online from Apple or visit the Apple Store at the Del Monte Shopping Center.

IT does not setup, install software on, update or manage iPad devices. Overall the process is the same as setting up and using an iPhone and someone in the department will need to be responsible for that.