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International Programs

Financial aid

Financial aid at CSUMB is only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

National Student Exchange (NSE) students who come to CSUMB on Plan A and B, pay tuition and housing on the same schedule as international students. If you need charges to be delayed until you receive your financial aid, you need to reach out to your HOME financial aid office to request a deferment by sending an email to CSUMB’s financial aid office before the semester begins.

The office can send an email to financial_aid@csumb.edu stating your full name, your CSUMB Student ID number (which you’ll receive after you complete your Placement Acceptance Form), the semester or semesters that you will be at CSUMB, the amount of financial aid you will be receiving, and when you expect to receive it.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition may only be deferred for a maximum of two weeks after the start of the academic year, even if you don’t receive your financial aid until after that date.