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International Programs

CSUMB Otter Buddy Program

The Otter Buddy Program matches local CSUMB students with international CSUMB students in order to promote intercultural friendship and awareness

The Otter Buddy Program includes a mutual agreement to share personal reflection (e.g. culture shock, political issues) as well as participate in activities together. The commitment is for one academic semester.

All Participants MUST AGREE to the following criteria:

  • Actively participate in the program for the duration of the academic semester.
  • Spend time with your buddy at least twice a month.
  • Be accessible via email or phone
  • Respect your buddy’s time and other obligations
  • Respect your buddy’s political and/or religious views
  • Respect all CSUMB rules and laws of California and the US
  • Keep in mind, your buddy may not be fluent in English and is here to learn English.
CSUMB Buddy Program
    • Dinner together on campus, off campus, at your house, etc.
    • Attend International Club events and meetings together.
    • Go to CSUMB sports games together.
    • Meet up at Peet’s/Starbucks just to catch up/check in.
    • Go to the farmers market on Tuesday in Downtown Monterey Bay or Sunday in Marina.
    • Attend the Cultural Panel event, especially if the international buddy is presenting!
    • Participate in Study Abroad tabling to encourage other students to study abroad.
    • Rent a bike for the day and cycle to Monterey along the beach.
    • Go to the movies or performances at the World Theater (check for inexpensive Student tickets).
    • Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium together
    • Visit Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row.
    • American Buddies: Take your buddy home with you and show them around!
    • Spend the day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
    • Go up to San Francisco and be total tourists for the day.
    • Go to American sports events like American football, baseball, basketball.
    • Attend lectures about international topics or issues.
    • Take your buddy along with you to the grocery store, or to a cafe and have coffee together.
    • Use your imagination. Do any activities that both buddies will enjoy!

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