International Students


  • Healthcare is a personal choice, but we recommend that you do the following:

    1. If it is an emergency, dial 911. They will ask if you need an ambulance ride to the hospital (recognize that there is a cost associated with this choice), and will advise on the best course of action based on your situation.
    2. If it is not an emergency, visit the Campus Health Center
      1. If you can schedule an appointment in advance, do so! It will save you time and hassle. Call 831-582-3965.
      2. See the services the Health Center provides.
    3. If the Health Center is closed, visit a Doctors on Duty (DOD) clinic. Bring your CSUMB ID for reduced fees.
      1. Discounted pricing is only available with your CSUMB username if the Health Center is closed, or if you are referred to DOD by the Health Center.
    4. If you choose to visit another healthcare provider, please read through the insurance information and bring your insurance card with you.
      1. You will notice in your insurance policy that there may be a difference in cost between "In Network" providers and "Out of Network" providers. This refers to the network of healthcare providers that the insurance company contracts with to provide maximum cost saving. Note that even with insurance, you will likely pay some amount for healthcare services. Find an In-Network provider by clicking "Find a Provider" at
    5. Students enrolled in the CSUMB health insurance plan have access to 24/7 Telehealth Services and Mental Health Services. This the most affordable option for students looking for mental health services. 

    Remember that you will always get the best deal if you go to the Campus Health Center first, even if you are just looking for a referral.

    If you have any problems accessing your temporary insurance card, questions about your CSUMB Health Insurance coverage or use, contact the International Programs office for assistance.

  • Federal and state laws require that international students maintain adequate health insurance while attending CSUMB. A single day of hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars. A good insurance policy gives you access to excellent medical facilities and provides protection against the enormous costs of health care.

    Automatic enrollment

    Your premium plan will be billed to your student account. You can view/pay your bill on your Dashboard. This fee must be paid for this insurance by the tuition due date or a HOLD will be placed on your account preventing registration.

    F-1 visa

    All students in F‐1 visa status will be automatically enrolled for CSUMB Health Insurance for the duration of your program. This will be charged to your student account each term. More information about your health insurance is below.

    J-1 visa

    Students & Scholars attending CSUMB on a J-1 Visa will be enrolled in CSUMB Health Insurance for the duration of your program. This will be charged to your student account each term. More information about your health insurance is below.

    U.S. Citizens

    You are not required to purchase CSUMB Health Insurance but it is legally mandatory that you have full health coverage while studying at CSUMB. US Citizens will NOT be automatically enrolled in the CSUMB health insurance plan.

    Insurance policy

    CSUMB Health Insurance is provided by Cigna. Visit to access your health insurance card, find a healthcare provider, and learn about your coverage plan.

    Plan approximate cost is $750 per semester.

    Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the Health Insurance provider. CSUMB charges health insurance at cost. Students are billed by semester as part of regular tuition & fees billing.

    Coverage dates

    • Fall semester: August 1 - December 31
    • Spring semester: January 1 - May 31
    • Summer semester: June 1 - July 31

    Supplemental/travel insurance

    If you arrive in the U.S. before the effective date of the CSUMB insurance plan or depart after the expiry date, you are encouraged to purchase your own supplemental insurance for this uninsured period, including grace periods, Optional Practical Training and Academic Training periods.

    Dental and Vision insurance not covered

    In the United States Dental and Vision coverage are separate from Health Insurance. The CSUMB health insurance plan is not a dental or vision insurance plan. If you would like to have dental or vision coverage while you are located inside the United States, you will need to secure and purchase that coverage on your own.

  • International students staying for longer than one semester must provide proof of immunization to the Campus Health Center prior to enrolling in the second semester of classes. For more information about the immunization requirement and about how to submit your proof of immunization please visit

  • If you have:

    • a physical condition for which accessible, on-campus housing or classroom accommodation might be needed
    • a documented disability which may require academic accommodation (e.g. note takers, taped texts)
    • a medical condition which might require immediate attention during exchange
    • a condition which might affect emotional or mental well-being during exchange

    If any of these apply to you, you MUST contact the Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) office at CSUMB at prior to coming to campus. More information is available at

  • If you have an existing medical condition like diabetes, severe allergies, seizures, heart disease, etc., we highly recommend obtaining a Medical ID so that emergency responders can more easily help if necessary.

    Medical IDs usually come as either bracelets or necklaces and can be purchased through many online retailers including American Medical ID, the Medic Alert Foundation, or even Amazon. Please note, these are some examples and CSUMB does not endorse any particular product or company.