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International Student Scholarships

International Student Non-Resident Fee Waiver

International F-1 degree seeking students may be eligible for the International Student Non-Resident Fee Waiver. The primary purpose of the waiver is to recognize international students who display exceptional scholastic achievements and dedication. Recipients of this award receive a full waiver of the non-resident fee portion of their tuition, between $7,900 and $14,250 depending on number fo units taken. These awards are competitive and a small percentage of applicants will receive the scholarships. Students must reapply every year to be considered for the International Student Non-Resident Fee Waiver again.

There are two different application processes depending on if you are a new student to CSUMB or an international student already studying at CSUMB. Please see eligibility and application processes below.

Other Scholarships

Other CSUMB scholarships available are also listed on the Scholarship website.

CSUMB scholarships are only available to degree-seeking students at CSUMB, but all students are encouraged to seek out private, government, and non-profit scholarships available from thousands of organizations around the world. Some examples of these include:

Note: CSUMB International Programs does not endorse any specific external scholarship program. The items listed above are to aid students in their search. There are many opportunities available and it is up to the student to find if a scholarship meets their needs.

International Programs

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