International Education Week Keynote Address: The importance of International Education on Homeland Security

Celebrate International Education Week with a lively keynote address by Ramin Asgard, former Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Generals Patreaeus and Mattis, covering the critical relationship between international education and Homeland Security.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
6:30pm — 8:00pm

World Theater

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Speech Topics

The address will cover the importance of sharing American educational/cultural values of critical inquiry, free expression, equality, and cultural diversity with the world. Mr Asgard will discuss the long-term national security benefits of American higher education in enhancing international goodwill and academic, professional, and scientific collaboration. Plus, learn about the central strategic and economic role of international education for America, particularly in STEM disciplines.

You are invited to stay after the speech for a Question & Answer session kindly moderated by CSUMB Social & Behavioral Sciences Professor, Dr. Charles Fuller.

About the speaker, Ramin Asgard

Mr. Asgard is currently a Managing Attorney with Maney, Gordon, and Zeller – a leading national immigration law firm. Previously, Mr. Asgard was a veteran U.S. Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State, with extensive field and headquarters experience in the diplomatic, political, economic, public diplomacy, commercial/trade advocacy, and research and analysis areas.

While with the Department of State, he held several key senior posts, including serving as Director of the Iran Regional Presence Office (IRPO) in Dubai, the U.S. government’s primary field operation concerning Iran; Political Advisor at U.S. Central Command, where he served as senior foreign policy advisor to CENTCOM Commanders General David Petraeus and General James Mattis; and as Director of Voice of America Persian, VOA’s largest language service. He has also served at the National Security Council, as Deputy Political Counselor in Saudi Arabia, Economic/Commercial Officer in Afghanistan, Political/Economic Officer in the UAE, and as a Consular Officer in Turkey. Mr. Asgard has also served as an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and as Desk Officer for Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. Prior to joining State, Mr. Asgard was an attorney in private practice.

He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a recipient of the State Department’s Ambassador Charles E. Cobb Award for Initiative and Success in Trade Development and the Secretary of State’s Award for Public Outreach.

Mr. Asgard has served as a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and as an adjunct staff member at RAND.

He has published, presented and moderated widely, including at the Atlantic Council, the Stimson Center, the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings, the Gulf Research Center, University of Southern California, George Washington University, Georgetown University, University of Toronto, UCLA, and on media outlets including CNN, NBC, Al Jazeera, and The National Interest. He serves on the board of several charMr. Asgard holds a JD from Tulane University, a Master’s in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA summa cum laude from Temple University.

An immigrant himself, Mr. Asgard came to the US from Iran 46 years ago. As an attorney, diplomat, and national security professional, Mr. Asgard has a textured understanding of the challenges of balancing US national security while maintaining political and economic engagement with the broader world. His work as an immigration attorney now brings him into contact with many impacted directly by the recent Executive Order restricting immigration benefits to nationals of certain foreign countries. Given his unique background and experiences, Mr. Asgard offers informed and engaging insights into these high profile issues at the international, national, and perhaps most importantly - the individual level.