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International Programs

About CSUMB International Programs

CSUMB International Programs serves the university and international community by providing support services to international students, facilitating meaningful outbound Education Abroad experiences, and engaging global partners to accomplish CSUMB's institutional objectives and realize its global potential.

Through these initiatives and others, CSUMB International Programs helps to achieve the institutional vision and mission "to build a multicultural learning community founded on academic excellence from which all partners in the educational process emerge prepared to contribute productively, responsibly, and ethically to California and the global community."

Fall 2017 student map

Fall 2017 – All student body permanent addresses

CSUMB is made up of about 5% international students, with the goal of achieving a 10% international population by 2024. This means that students have the extraordinary opportunity to engage with their peers from all over the world, while also receiving a truly American educational experience.

Fall 2017 international population quick facts

  • 454 international students enrolled (or on post-completion Optional Practical Training)
  • 47 countries represented
  • 6 continents represented
  • 115+ university exchange partnerships
CSUMB International Students