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Startup Hackathon

November 1-3, 2019

CSUMB University Center

Smart Cities: Build tech to make our communities smarter and safer

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Develop technology to solve important problems and create new possibilities! At Startup Hackathon you will work in teams to show off your skills and build new ones; create innovative prototypes and compete for the best innovation. This is a 3-day event starting on Friday at 5pm and ending on Sunday at 5pm. Food and coffee will be provided so you and your team can focus on work. Technical coaches will be available for assistance. The public will be invited on Sunday at 2pm to see the final products and support the teams as the judges choose the winning team!


  • Friday: 11/1/2019 5pm-11pm
  • Saturday: 11/2/2019 8am-11pm
  • Sunday: 11/3/2019 8am-5pm
  • Public Event - Meet the tech talent and see the final projects - Sunday: 11/3/2019 2pm-5pm

Ticket prices:

  • Registration for 3-day event: $75 (includes meals and lots of coffee)
  • Public Event - Free
  • CSUMB Students Free if signed up extended to Wednesday, October 30th at noon
  • Community College students Free - use coupon code STD_HACK and sign up by Wednesday, October 30th at noon.
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Hackathon team discusses and works together.
Hackathon team displays project.
Hackathon participant pitches idea.
Hackathon teammates work together
Hackathon teammates work together
Hackathon team displays project.
Close up of Hackathon Project
Professors discuss at Hackathon

Startup Hackathon 2019 Winners

1st Place


Winning team: Res-Q

We created a nonprofit startup, Res-Q, that will solve these issues in two ways: First, it will connect evacuees to pre-existing medical resources and disaster relief organizations like the American Red Cross. However, since not everyone wants to live in these overcrowded communal living spaces after a catastrophe, we wanted to provide victims with an alternative. That is why our primary focus is to connect them to nearby businesses that will offer discounts and benefits to verifiable evacuees. Businesses that are screened by and registered with Res-Q have several incentives. First, and most importantly, these companies can contribute to easing the financial and physical discomfort of victims. This is an opportunity for corporate benevolence and community involvement. But they also can grow their customer base, increase revenue, and receive tax write-offs.

The Application will display a map of resources available for shleter, food, medical services and other benefits for affected people displaced from natural disasters. Users will be able to login and verify their Address as being inside the affected areas. The verification will be shown to businesses and vendors along with their state IDs to make it easy to determine who is an affected person.

2nd Place - It's a tie!


2nd place team: Sprig

Sprig makes it easy to participate in the green movement by effortlessly helping you select a native tree species fit to your planting site, directing you to a nursery who can provide the sapling, and instructing you in planting the tree.

Sprig will run on your smartphone device and automatically use your location to filter appropriate species and require minimal user input to refine the search to trees which are most suited to your environment.

Map the Crime

2nd place team: Map the Crime by Jakkd

The Map the Crime app by Jakkd essentially uses google maps to show our users a map of the area with an overlaid heat map of salinas that shows where in the city the crime rates are higher so that users can route safer walking paths.

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