iiED produces several publications on business, entrepreneurship, and education each year.

Regional Economic Research

Monterey Bay Regional Coworking Market Feasibility Study (with FORA)

A Study of the Economic and Environmental Impact of the San Ardo Oil Production Industry

Annual reports

iiED 2012-13 Annual Report

iiEd 2013-14 Annual Report

iiED 2014-15 Annual Report

Journal of innovation and economic development – working papers

2017 Publications

"Actual effect education training and its intelligent supervision theory and technology," December 2017, Zeng Li

"Analysis of Project Management of the High-Tech Incubation Parks,", August 2017, Qing Weng

"Impact of Fashion Buyer Mode on the Development of Garment Enterprises," August 2017, Bo Wu

2016 Publications

"Improvement of Urban Villages’ Public Security in China," October 2016, Fengsheng Wu

"Design and Development of ICT Products Based on Tangible User Interface," July 2016, Ninghui Hao

2015 Publications

"Asset Restructuring of Chinese Listed Companies", Dec 2015, Jiangping Li

"Equity Division Reform in China", Dec 2015, Yajun Deng

"Feasibility Studies of East Asian Currency Cooperation", Dec 2015, Hai-ling Hsu

"Build Quality and Price Match China's Residential Property Market", Apr 2015, Jian Huang

"Application of Mass Customization in China’s Private Publication", Feb 2015, Cui Zhonglei

"Two Generations’ Perception of Succession in Family Business", Feb 2015, Lam Fung Lam

"Post-investment Management in Chinese Private Equity Funds", Jan 2015, Chongyi Yang

2014 Publications

"Culture Mall Development in China", Dec 2014, Kwok-Tai Tse

"Enterprise Valuation in the Chinese Cultural Industry", Nov 2014, Ke Li

2013 Publications

"Application Value of China Management Model in Improving the Administrative Efficiency", Dec 2013, Xu Kuanguo, visiting researcher

"Correlation between Minutes Spent on Facebook and Students’ Academic Performance", Mar 2013, Marwan Haddad

"International Core Competitiveness of Hong Kong", Nov 2013, Gui Qiangfang