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About iiED

The iiED is a leading center for entrepreneurship training, research and regional economic development on the West Coast.

iiED Regional Investment & Impact (06/2018)

iiED Regional Investment

iiED Regional Investment

The Institute for Innovation and Economic Development is a leading center for entrepreneurship training, economic research, and regional economic development on the Central Coast (Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties). The iiED mission is to create and support a vibrant entrepreneurial community with successful, growing businesses and social ventures in the Tri-county region. To accomplish this, iiED collaborates with regional public and private institutions, including sponsors and partners, to support entrepreneurs and startup companies. These include 9 local organizations, 8 local educational institutions, 8 National/International businesses & organizations, and 5 government agencies. 100 active volunteer mentors and judges assist with iiED’s efforts through one-on-one interaction, annual events, and monthly meetups. These events include the Startup Monterey Bay events, Code & TIDE Youth Innovation Tech Summer Camps, Innovation Salons/Entrepreneurship Forums, and Junior Achievement Programs.

iiED Regional Impact

iiED Regional impact

The Tri-county regional impact of iiED’s efforts has been exemplary. iiED has assisted 2,200 aspiring entrepreneurs and helped to create more than 150 jobs in the community. Additionally, 525 participating companies have assisted in raising $10,000,000 to assist in iiED’s efforts. Due to this immense level of support, iiED has been able to award over $400,000 in prize money to participating entrepreneurs to assist them in their ventures.

iiED vision

Building a sustainable economy in the Monterey Bay region through a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

iiED mission

Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the Monterey Bay region through:

  • Developing and disseminating knowledge, expertise, and financial resources
  • Collaborating with regional and global public and private organizations
  • Deliver applied research, programs and events

iiED programs

California State University Monterey Bay’s Institute for Innovation and Economic Development (iiED) offers programs that work toward developing entrepreneurs and supporting innovation ideas that lead to new business opportunities and job growth for students and community members.


Leadership Team

Brad Barbeau, PhD, Executive Director

Eric Tao, PhD, Founding Director

MaryJo Zenk, MBA, Program Manager

Dan Ripke, Director, Economic Development, Funding and Grants

Associated Professors and Researchers

Chi-Chun Chou, PhD, College of Business

Dante Di Gregorio, PhD, College of Business

Jason Henderson, School of Computing and Design

Miguel Lara, PhD, School of Computing and Design

Shwadhin Sharma, PhD, College of Business

Heiko Wieland, PhD, College of Business


Jennifer Calderon, Marketing Intern

Chris Caruthers, Field Placement Intern

Harrison Deal, Print and Web Design Intern

Anjika Grinager, Web and Graphic Designer

Natalie Horvath, Event Management Intern

Kennedy Marshall, Marketing Intern

Institute for Innovation and Economic Development

(831) 582-3230