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Students With Disabilities

If you are new to Student Disability Resources (SDR) and have not yet received disability accommodations, you need to register with SDR first.

CSUMB has Disability Resource Advisors for students. The SDR Advisor’s role is to assist students with gaining access to university programs and services such as accommodations for academic courses and housing. The SDR Advisor refers students to other campus employees and advises about procedures. The SDR Advisor may also provide recommendations about resources off campus such as the California Department of Rehabilitation and referrals to other agencies and services.

To get started with SDR, please follow these steps:

Step #2

Obtain current documentation of your disability from a qualified medical doctor or disability specialist with an explanation as to how your disability limits your participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities of the university. SDR urges students with learning disabilities to provide comprehensive documentation based on adult assessment instruments. Most community colleges provide learning disability assessment or learning skills assessment service through enrollment in a specific course. Contact the Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) at the community college nearest to you. Current CSUMB students who have not been assessed for learning disabilities are encouraged to meet by appointment with SDR to discuss off campus option for assessment. Submitting your documentation well before the beginning of your first semester is strongly recommended. This allows time for updates, if necessary.

For assistance with developing a plan to obtain a comprehensive learning disability assessment or other disability verification using CSU guidelines, meet by appointment with CSU Monterey Bay’s Disability Resources Advisor. To schedule an appointment, please call (831) 582-3672.

For general information about local practitioners regarding psychological conditions, please schedule an appointment with SDR. You can reach SDR by telephone at (831) 582-3672.

SDR will file official documentation of your disability, including information about manifestations of the disability. SDR will ensure that disability-related documents and communication are kept confidential.

Step #3

Students new to SDR assess and state their needs. Complete a Needs Assessment Form and submit it to SDR. This form is also available at the SDR office.

Step #4

Meet with an SDR Advisor to discuss your specific needs and determine reasonable accommodations. The following questions will be answered in the process:

  • what accommodations are provided
  • when they will be provided
  • who is responsible for providing accommodations
  • how they will be provided

Standard procedures, established by SDR, for auxiliary aids and services (e.g., sign language, document conversion to alternate formats, test taking facilitation, academic assistant) will be included. Some students may need more than one meeting for full consideration of needs. Students who utilize alternative formats, sign language interpreters or other time intensive accommodations are strongly urged to meet with an SDR Advisor well in advance of their first term as these accommodations may require up to 6 weeks to organize. To set up an appointment with the SDR Advisor, call (831) 582-3672 (voice) or (831) 582-5307 (TTY), or email

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