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Returning to Campus After an Emergency

Returning to Campus after an Attempted Suicide, Alcohol or Drug Overdose, or Mental Health Hold  

Dear parents and family members of CSUMB students,

The staff who work in the Division of Student Affairs care deeply for our students and are committed to maintaining their safety. Because of this commitment we have procedures to help students who are hospitalized for suicide attempts, alcohol or drug overdose or serious psychiatric illness. We believe it is important to advise you of our procedures before your student or family member arrives on campus.

The Dean of Students is responsible for initiating policies and procedures for decisions of continued enrollment and parameters for re-enrollment when a student has been hospitalized. Once a student is released from the hospital they will be required to meet with the Dean of Students.

If a residential student, the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Housing & Residential Life work with the Student Housing & Residential Life staff to contact the student as soon as they return to campus. Both commuter and residential students will receive a letter from the Dean via their student email. The letter informs the student that they need to make contact and set up a meeting to discuss their residential and student status.

The purpose of the meeting is to determine the student's ability to continue enrollment and/or continue living on campus. A student's refusal to meet is a violation of the CSU Student Code of Conduct and the student can be referred to the Student Conduct Administrator for possible sanctioning [sanctioning could include removal from campus housing or suspension from the campus].

Decisions regarding continued enrollment will be based on the appropriateness of the student's return to the academic and residential communities. The Dean of Students works collaboratively with the Personal Growth & Counseling Center and others in this process. The ability for the student to remain or return will be based on an evaluation by an outside mental health professional when appropriate.

Should a medical or administrative withdrawal be appropriate, the Dean of Students works with the student to complete the necessary paperwork through the University Registrar, PGCC, Student Disability Resources, etc. If the student lives on campus, the Dean of Students also coordinates with the Director of Student Housing & Residential Life to facilitate their release from their Housing License. All students are informed, in writing, by the Dean of Students of the requirements for returning to CSUMB.

The staff in the Division of Student Affairs are committed to the development of the whole person: academically, personally, socially, spiritually and physically. While we hope incidents such as these do not occur, we recognize and value the involvement of parents and other family members to assist in the best care for your student.


Caroline Haskell, LCSW,BCD

Director of Health and Wellness Services

Founding Director of the Personal Growth and Counseling Center

Student Housing & Residential Life

(831) 582-3378
(831) 582-3523