Student Housing and Residential Life


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Live-On Requirement

In accordance with the CSUMB Student Housing policy, all full-time first year students and sophomores that do not live in the tri-county area are required to live in on campus housing. For more information on Live-On Requirement and Exceptions visit our Live-On Requirement page.


Eligibility Chart

STUDENT STATUSFirst Year Housing

Area Two

North QuadPromontory ApartmentEast Campus
Incoming Freshman         x        
Undergraduate student with less than 60 units       x       x    
Undergraduate student with 60 units or more       x       x               x  
Undergraduate student with 90 units or more       x        x               x         x
Undergraduate student 21 years of age or older       x        x               x*         x
Graduate Student       x        x               x         x
Family Housing**                 x 
*Must also have 60 units or more
**Please review “Qualifying for a Family License in East Campus"