Student Housing and Residential Life

Sustainable Otters

Residence Hall - Sanderling Hall

Sustainable Otters, previously Project Leading Change, comes from the idea that creating a socially just world includes not just healthy relationship and a celebration of diversity, but a deep sense of social responsibility, and the ability to think with an entrepreneurship spirit. Students participating in Sustainable Otters will learn not only the value of sustainable practices, social justice, and innovation - but will better understand the intersections of this knowledge.

Students who live in Sustainable Otters will have the opportunity to build relationships and connections with other students who are committed to seeing their world through a lens of sustainability, innovation, and social justice. Each floor is themed to one of the three core aspects of Sustainability at CSUMB:

1st Floor Social Justice

2nd Floor Innovation

3rd Floor Environmental Awareness

Living on the first floor has opened me up to meeting new people and being able to experience an easy move in, since this is my first time being away from home. I couldn't have asked for a better RA to help and support me through this new chapter in my life.
Student from Project Leading Change