Student Housing and Residential Life

Global Perspectives

Pinnacles Suites - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floor

For students that want to explore their world! Students in Global Perspectives will live in suites that encourage international and domestic students to live together to make friends from around the world. Students housed within Global Perspectives will have exposure to exciting programming related to international understanding, celebrating cultures, and providing valuable insight to the global community beyond the walls of CSUMB.

Students who are interested in pursuing an international focus within their scholarly work, planning to study abroad, have just returned from an abroad program, or are visiting CSUMB as an international student should consider this living opportunity.

I have learned a lot about different cultures from around the world. My neighbors are all international students and I have learned more about their countries. I also have an international suite mate and she tells us a lot about the different customs and traditions from where she is from. I just really enjoyed listening to all of the things that they do back in their home countries.
Student from Global Perspectives