Student Housing and Residential Life

Living Learning Programs

Living Learning Programs at CSUMB are communities where students of similar interests and/or academic studies live together and participate in intentional learning about their chosen program as a collective. Within a community, students are actively engaged in programs like field trips, dialogue groups, faculty dinners, and increased exposure to opportunities on and off campus.

86% of student believe LLPs have helped them connect with resources at CSUMB

76% of students in LLPs had a positive experience being a part of the LLP community

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  • Residence involved in LLPs tend to have...
    • Increased your academic success
    • A statistically higher GPA
    • Involvement in study groups
    • A statistically higher probability of graduating on time
    • An overall higher satisfaction with the CSUMB experience
    • Resources to finding internships and jobs in their field of study
  • Develop relationships with peers who have similar interests and faculty members in your field of study
  • Participate in community programs geared specifically towards your interests/goals and connect to what you learn in class

I would highly recommend that you join a living learning program. Almost everyone who lives on your floor you will become friends with. It helps you all become friends when you all have common interests. It's just an overall great experience and I highly recommend it.

Student from Project Higher Ground