Living Learning Programs

Living Learning Programs at CSUMB are communities where students of similar interests and/or academic studies live together and participate in intentional learning about their chosen program as a collective. Within a community, students are actively engaged in programs like field trips, dialogue groups, faculty dinners, and increased exposure to opportunities on and off campus.

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What are the benefits of living in a living-learning program?

  • Increasing your academic success, a statistically higher GPA, involvement in study groups, a statistically higher probability of graduating on time, an overall higher satisfaction with the CSUMB experience, and the resources to finding internships and jobs in your field of study.
  • Developing relationships with peers who have similar interests and faculty members in your field of study.
  • Participating in community programs geared specifically towards your interests/goals and connect to what you learn in class.
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Project Higher Ground

A First Time Freshman Experience

Yarrow Hall - Entire Building

  • 1st Floor - FIRST, EOP, and CAMP
  • 2nd Floor - One Love and Youth, Power, and Protest
  • 3rd Floor - Eat, Love, Learn

This LLP consists of all first year students who participate in one of five different Cohorts. These Cohorts are based on a variety of academic and personal interests, such as the first generation experience, cultural studies, and health and wellness. Cohorts take their FYS course together in addition to the faculty involved, Residence Advisors coordinate co-curricular activities which integrate the coursework from the First Year Seminar into the residential living experience.

Project Deep Roots

An Experience for Any Student

Tortuga Hall

  • 1st Floor - Health and Wellness
  • 2nd Floor - Health and Wellness
  • 3rd Floor - Substance Free

Project Deep Roots is a Living Learning Community grounded in the wellness development for both first-year and upper division students who are interested in healthy lifestyles. Students who choose and desire to live in this area will have the opportunity to practice, collaborate and contribute in monthly programs that advocate and promote a healthy living. Programming includes identity formation, physical wellness, emotional and mental wellness, community development and having fun a healthy way!

Outdoor Adventure

A First Time Freshman Experience

Asilomar Hall - 1st Floor and 2nd Floor Students who choose to live in the CSUMB Outdoor Adventure Living Learning program will have opportunities to experience outdoor activities in partnership with the office of Outdoor Recreation throughout the year. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to develop clearer understanding how outdoor recreation leads to outdoor leadership, outdoor recreation management, stewardship, conservation, preservation, and the opportunity to understand the Monterey Bay region.

Project Science, Math, and Technology

A First Time Freshman Experience

Cypress Hall

  • 1st floor - Women in Science
  • 2nd floor - The Raft: Marine Sciences
  • 3rd floor - Pre-Health Professionals

The new Project Science, Math and Technology Living Learning Community is for first year students interested in either marine sciences, pre-health professions, or advancing women in the sciences by creating opportunities to practice, collaborate and contribute in monthly programs. Participants in this community will gain enhanced relationships with dedicated faculty members and build study habits that are essential for these majors. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in exciting and fun out of classroom experiences unique to these communities.

Project Become More

A Sophomore Experience

Vineyard Suites- 4th floor Sophomore students living on this floor explore the exciting opportunities that lay ahead of them during their next few years here at CSUMB, understanding of their own selves, exposure to research opportunities, exposure to the capstone project, exposure to internships, service learning initiatives, and an increased opportunity to understand critical thinking in the classroom and application of that thinking.

Global Perspectives

A Sophomore and Up Experience

Pinnacles Suites - 2nd and 3rd Floor Students housed within Global Perspectives will have exposure to exciting programming related to international understanding, celebrating cultures, and providing valuable insight about the actual global community at CSUMB. Students who are interested in pursuing an international focus within their scholarly work, students who plan on participating in a study abroad program or who have just returned from an abroad program, and students who are visiting CSUMB as an international student should consider this living opportunity.

Project Leading Change

An Experience for Any Student

Sanderling - Entire Building

  • 1st Floor - Social Justice
  • 2nd Floor - Environmental Sustainability
  • 3rd Floor - Innovative Business Practices

Students who live in PLC, will have the opportunity to build relationships and connections with other students who are committed to leading change through the lens of sustainability, innovation, and social justice. Students who participate in PLC will have the opportunity to work on special campus projects, all of which will allow them a cutting edge in their fields of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social justice leadership.

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Africana Heritage Scholars

An Experience for Any Student

Avocet Hall - 3rd Floor In collaboration with Human Communication’s Africana Studies Concentration, this LLP will explore the world through an Africana lens. All students in this LLP will be able to connect with identity, history, and culture. Participants will be encouraged to form a tight-knit community through monthly family meetings and the opportunity to participate in a mentor program. Faculty from the Africana Studies Concentration along with the African American Faculty and Staff Heritage Alliance will be involved in programs to support and mentor students in this LLP.