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Leadership Opportunities

Resident advisors

Resident Advisors are the members of the Student Housing & Residential Life staff that work directly with residents to encourage involvement in campus life and to assist in emergencies. RAs are individuals who are committed to making on-campus living a fun and rewarding experience. These student staff members receive ongoing training in areas such as peer counseling, crisis intervention, and roommate conflict resolution, so that they may be of help to residents during the year.

Peer conduct review board

The purpose of the Peer Conduct Review Board is to uphold community living standards and expectations with students who live on campus within student housing through the process of peer review.

Student board members will review minor incidents of misconduct and recommend sanctions which will address inappropriate behavior. The Conduct Coordinator Community Director will advise the board.

Summer conference assistant

Summer Conference Assistants are employees of Student Housing & Residential Life that work with the Summer Conference staff to ensure guests staying at CSUMB over the summer have a pleasant experience. To apply you can find the job posted on Otter Jobstypically late February until mid March.

Student assistants

Student assistants are employees of Student Housing & Residential Life that work with the professional staff that assist with packages, lockouts, projects, and answer questions about campus life as well as campus resources. If you would like more information on becoming a student assistant, please talk with one of our staff members or look on Otter Jobsto see if we have an opening.

Student Housing & Residential Life

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