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Housing Installment Payment Plan 2019-2020

How it works

The housing cost per semester is broken down into three payments. Each payment is broken down into 1/3 of the total cost of housing. See the example below, and download the 2020 Spring Housing Installment Payment Plan for more details.

Action Fall deadline Spring deadline
First 1/3 Payment DueAugust 1, 2019January 3, 2020
Second 1/3 Payment DueSeptember 1, 2019February 3, 2020
Final 1/3 Payment DueOctober 2, 2019March 5, 2020

Any student whose financial aid does not cover all of the housing fees is eligible to apply for the Installment Payment Plan.

To view your anticipated aid in OASIS, please select the View Financial Aid link under Finances and then select your Aid Year.

Students requesting to have housing costs on a payment plan

CSUMB Student Housing & Residential Life has instituted an installment payment plan to assist students and supporters to pay for the cost of housing and meal plans.

How to complete the housing installment payment plan

In order to apply for the installment payment plan, fill out the payment plan worksheet below. Once completed, fax the worksheet to the Campus Service Center at 831-582-5110 or email

  • Download the HIPP excel sheet below.
  • Enable editing on the downloaded excel sheet (if necessary on your computer).
  • In the "Costs" section, enter your full housing and meal plan (if applicable) charges for the semester. Make sure to NOT include anticipated financial aid. These amounts cannot be $0.00 (unless you do not have a meal plan) or include financial aid deductions. The excel sheet will auto populate your three installment amounts.
  • Print the form.
  • After printing the form, initial line item #4 indicating your acknowledgement of receiving a $25.00 late fee for any missed installment deadlines.
  • Included the receipt number for any out of pocket payments made for the first installment.
  • Sign and put the date you are completing the form.
  • Print your name and add your student ID number.
  • Submit the form to the Campus Service Center.
Spring 2020 HIPP
Download document

Student Housing & Residential Life

(831) 582-3378
(831) 582-3523