Housing Installment Payment Plan 2018-2019

The information on this page pertains to the 2018-2019 Housing Installment Payment Plan. The 2019-2020 plan is under review, and will be posted as soon as it is available.

How it works

The housing cost per semester is broken down into three payments. The first payment is 50% of the total cost and the remaining two payments are 25% of the total cost of housing. See the example below for more details.

Action Fall deadline Spring deadline
Make first payment 50% due Aug. 1 Jan. 4
Make second payment 25% due Sept. 1 Feb. 1
Make third payment 25% due Oct. 2 Mar. 1

Any student whose financial aid does not cover all of the housing fees is eligible to apply for the Installment Payment Plan.

To view your anticipated aid in OASIS, please select the View Financial Aid link under Finances and then select your Aid Year.

Students requesting to have housing costs on a payment plan

In order to apply for the installment payment plan you need to print out and complete the form below. Once completed you can either fax or scan the contract to 831-582-3523 or email student_housing@csumb.edu.

Spring IPP

CSUMB Student Housing & Residential Life has instituted an installment payment plan to assist students and supporters to pay for the cost of housing.