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Housing Events

Residential Housing Association

The Cal State Monterey Bay Residential Housing Association is dedicated to serving as a voice for the residents of on-campus housing and guiding them in a positive living experience. The Residential Housing Association addresses issues relevant to community life, offers a safe environment through on-campus activities, and provides leadership opportunities to all residents. The Residential Housing Association establishes this constitution as its governing document and pledges to uphold its principles and pursue its goals.

Area Councils

Each of the housing areas has an Area Council. AC is the governing body for that particular housing community. By joining an AC you can help shape your community by discussing a wide variety of issues or community concerns, in addition to organizing and promoting numerous activities throughout the year. Every AC is a member of the Residential Housing Association.

Peer Conduct Review Board

The purpose of the Peer Conduct Review Board is to uphold community living standards and expectations with students who live on campus within student housing through the process of peer review. Student board members will review minor incidents of misconduct and recommend sanctions which will address inappropriate behavior. The Conduct Coordinator Community Director will advise the board.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is comprised of the top 1% of students with the highest GPA's living on campus! The purpose of the organization is to recognize students, faculty, and staff on campus! Through recognition, we encourage development and a commitment to leadership!

Student Engagement & Leadership Development

Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SE&LD) serves as a catalyst in the development of a dynamic and diverse university community that facilitates intentional student engagement opportunities locally, regionally and nationally. SE&LD has a lot of different organizations and opportunities to get involved on campus as well.